Fee structure


My fees are based on the amount of work necessary at various stages of the process as follows:

Initial review (1 hour free of charge)


From existing documents or verbal information, I can advise if the individual has sufficient needs that are likely to justify an application or the likelihood of succeeding with an appeal.




  • Preparing for the DST assessment - £530


Reviewing the care records and providing a detailed in-depth assessment of the persons health and social care needs with particular reference to the four key questions and attending the multi-disciplinary team meeting. Please bear in mind the NHS has a duty to undertake the DST assessment within 28 days from a successful Checklist, so it would be ideal if the care records can be supplied prior to the date of the Checklist or as soon as possible thereafter.




Local appeal of a negative DST assessment:


  • Prior involvement - £590

  • No prior involvement - £1,120


Reviewing the DST report to identify needs that have been marginalised or downplayed or where the four key questions have not been accurately or fairly addressed and to ensure due process was followed at the assessment. Preparing a detailed and comprehensive response to the DST report and submitting this to the CCG ahead of the meeting.  Attending meetings as required.




Appeal to the Independent Review Panel (IRP): 

  • Prior involvement at Level 1 - £590

  • Prior involvement at Level 2 - no additional charge 

  • No prior involvement - £1,120

If the local appeal is unsuccessful and you wish to go to the IRP, I will review the local appeal report and associated documentation to identify where the local process failed to address the challenges that were raised and prepare a detailed and comprehensive response for submission to the IRP ahead of the hearing. Attendance at the IRP.