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How can I help?


Whether you’re considering applying for CHC or you’re mired knee deep in it, I can provide a comprehensive and detailed consultancy service for you, analysing you or your loved one’s health and social care needs and how these should be correctly interpreted according to the framework, the ‘Checklist’ and the Decision Support Tool (DST).

I can advise on the strength of your case and if it merits making an application, can help prepare you for the DST assessment and if required, accompany you to the multi-disciplinary team meeting to advocate on your behalf. Please note that I can only assist with adult cases, i.e. for those aged 18+.

If you or your loved one fail the DST assessment you will receive a full report into the reasons why eligibility was not established. There is a right of appeal and I can assist with making written representations at a local level or if you wish to make a further appeal, to the relevant NHS Independent Review Panel (IRP). This will entail reviewing the care records and the DST report in detail, identifying clear evidence in support and challenging any attempt to ascribe needs as merely social care issues or where the assessment failed to correctly address the four 'key' questions. In both cases, as with the original assessment I can attend any meetings to advocate on your behalf.

If you are no longer eligible for CHC I can assist with any appeals.

If your loved one passed away and had healthcare needs that were never assessed for CHC, you can make a retrospective claim and again I can assist in preparing for the DST assessment although it's vital to have sight of the complete care records beforehand in order to make a claim.


For those who wish to pursue CHC themselves, in the download section I've included a free guide about the entire process.  It should provide you with all the information you need to prepare for the assessment or appeal.

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